Goals Accelerator

This Exclusive Program is designed for small to medium business owners.

Do you want to create success through business? You CAN if you're willing to invest in yourself and commit to getting stuff done! I'll guide you through my 25 Point Business Review Process and together, we'll figure out what needs to happen to get you to where you want to go! I can run this program via zoom or in person. Check out the video about the Goals Accelerator Program.


It doesn't matter whether you're fairly new to business or if you've been around for a while. We often need someone to help us see where we are really at now and then plan for where we want to be in the future.

This 12 month program has been designed to get you focussed on what you and your business requires to thrive and succeed into the future. I'll give you the tools, guidance and support you need to reach your goals faster. I can come into your business and facilitate this program alongside you, your leadership team or your entire team or we can do it all via zoom, it's up to you.

This program truly is a game changer. I'll show you how to reach your business goals very strategically!


The Goals Accelerator Program includes, via zoom or in person;

  • One full day (6 hours), to get you very clear about your business purpose and where you want to get to and by when. Together we review every aspect of your business using my 25 point business review tool and we will create a practical plan to accelerate your business success and guide you through the next 12 months. In person or zoom. 
  • THREE x short day (3 hours), plan review sessions, one every quarter. These sessions are designed to keep you on track and tweak the plan as necessary throughout the year. Via zoom.
  • Four x 60 minute zoom sessions. 

Travel, accommodation costs and extra coaching sessions are additional. Payment plans are available.

Call me to book in your FREE discovery session. 0434574252!

Experienced but need some guidance?

I show businesses how to create success and reach their goals! I work with you to find the right solutions. 

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