Why Choose Me?

I'm Julie and my reason for this business is YOU!

It's not always easy to create a thriving business and success alone, most of us need some help to get there!  


I’ve guided my own businesses from the start-up phase through to successful, thriving businesses that require very little of my time. There's nothing I love more that spending my time doing what I want. JFBC allows me to work with business owners who want to expand their potential and reach their goals. I’ve made lots of stuff-ups along the way and learnt much about the business world and myself. I work with other business owners so I can minimise for you, some of the uncertainty and anxiety that I’ve had to work my way through in my quest for business success. I got there and so can you!

I’m straightforward, down-to-earth and my approach is designed to support you to develop and expand your business potential and create the future you deserve. 

I can show you how to create your own version of business fulfilment and success.


Here's an overview of my business journey:

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